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Ministry Resources

All ministry resources will be delivered electronically. 
To request a resource, please email Kim Reindl at order@mail.pomegranatece.com.



 Training Resources:


Training Resource:  "Some Distinctive Marks of United Methodists" 

Description:  Gives a brief overview of primary points of Wesleyan theology and how Wesleyan theology differs from other Christian faith traditions.  Offers some questions for group discussion.

            For Use With:  Leaders in United Methodist churches and other Wesleyan traditions

           Cost:  FREE


Training Resource:  Methodist Beliefs Book Group Discussion Guide

Description:  Gives a general list of discussion questions that can be used following the reading of a book on Wesleyan theology/United Methodist beliefs.

            For Use With:  Leaders in United Methodist churches and other Wesleyan traditions

            Cost:  FREE


Training Resource: Miscellaneous Guides to Small Group Facilitation 

Description:  Various materials to aid in preparing leaders for facilitating/teaching small groups or classes.  Includes handouts on “Goals for Christian Education,” “Ground Rules for Group Discussion,” “Key Facilitation Skills,” “Tips for Facilitators,” “Tips for Asking Questions,” and “Managing Conflict.”

            For Use With:  Leaders of adult and/or youth classes or groups; May be useful with some leaders of children

            Cost:  FREE




Implementation Resources:


Curriculum Evaluation Form 

Description:  Intended to aid in curriculum selection.  Functions as a tool for critical analysis of individual curriculum based on five     categories: 1) Participants, 2) Leader/Teacher, 3) Purpose/Learning Goals, 4) Logistics, and 5) Theology.  Developed for use within the United Methodist Church, but adaptable for use in other denominations.

            For Use By: Persons responsible for curriculum selection in churches, small groups, or organizations.

            Cost:  FREE



"How to Promote Disciple Bible Study in Your Church"  

Description:  Gives ideas for Cokesbury’s Disciple Bible Study promotion.  Based on a model that allows past participants to share personal stories of transformation.  Suggestions are made for publicity, dissemination of information, recognition, and celebration.  Although suggestions are specifically for Disciple Bible Study, suggestions can be adapted for use with other long-term study promotion.

            For Use By:  Churches or Organizations seeking to promote in-depth Bible study

            (i.e., Disciple Bible Study, Covenant Bible Study, Companions in Christ, etc.)

            Cost:  FREE



Miscellaneous Resources and Materials:



Resource:  "Walking the Labyrinth" 

Description:  A guide to walking the labyrinth focusing on the Quaker practice of “centering-down.”  The guide is adapted from Richard Fosters exercise of “palms up, palms down,” which embodies releasing cares and concerns to God while walking in to the labyrinth, and receiving divine love from God while walking out of the labyrinth.

For Use With:  Adults and Youth; May be adapted for Children

Cost:  FREE


Resource:  "The Christian Year" 

Description:  A brief informational guide to Christian Year resources

For Use By:  Christian Educators

Cost:  FREE


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